Core services

Our key role is that of the neutral broker and informed facilitator, bringing together cross sectoral interests and linking local practitioners with national policy makers. In undertaking this role we provide a suite of complimentary core services that are of value to a variety of constituent groups, these services include:

a.) Facilitating Engagement

  • Providing a single, central point of contact
  • Providing a platform for cross-sectoral dialogue and discussion
  • Facilitating consensus building and conflict resolution
  • Providing channels for local ↔ regional ↔ national engagement
  • Offering unique networking opportunities

b.) Representation

  • Canvasing and collating membership opinion/comment, experiences/knowledge
  • Summarising and documenting viewpoints and issues
  • Promulgating and presenting your views at regional and national levels
  • Informing and shaping debates, decision-making and policy development
  • Representing and championing the views of the Forum to the wider public

c.) Information and Communication

  • Horizon scanning to identify new policies and future issues of relevance to Forum members
  • Summarising, translating, and briefing members on current legislation and policies
  • Providing strategic overviews of the impacts and application of new legislation
  • Updating members on the latest news and issues across the maritime sector
  • Providing a central information service managing and responding to requests from all sectors