Introducing the Team

The Devon Maritime Forum  is run by a small, dedicated team that  answers to over 750 members representing over 250 organisations across all maritime sectors in Devon, the South West and beyond.


Professor_Maltby_pic2Forum Chair: Prof. Ed Maltby 

Prof Edward Maltby is Emeritus Professor of Wetland Science, Water and Ecosystem Management, University of Liverpool. He has over 40 years’ experience in scientific research with skills in multidisciplinary/international working and the linkage of natural science to social sciences and policy innovation with particular reference to the functioning of water and wetland ecosystems. He has provide technical advice and advocacy at the Conferences of Parties and technical working groups of The Convention on Biological Diversity, The Ramsar Convention and other policy and legislative fora at international, supranational and national levels. Ed played a key role in the development and implementation of the Ecosystem Approach (CBD/IUCN), the Wise Use concept (Ramsar) and horizontal guidance for wetlands under the EU Water Framework Directive.


Forum Coordiantor Forum Coordinator: Dr. Steve Guilbert






The Steering Group

The Steering Group oversees the business and management of the Forum, agreeing work programmes, funding schemes and budgets.  Together with the Chairman, the high-level professionals involved in the Forum through the Steering Group also provide invaluable input in to the development of the Forum, guiding the design, content delivery of projects and core services.