‘…the key strategic partnership for all marine and coastal stakeholders in Devon and the South West peninsula’

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About the Devon Maritime Forum (DMF)

The DMF is an independent, not-for-profit partnership organisation with a unique role: bringing together the broad and diverse range of organisations and individuals who have a stake or interest in marine and coastal issues in Devon and the wider South West peninsula.

We were formed in 2005 with a view to guiding and co-ordinating cross-sectoral cooperation and to act as a point of contact for all maritime sectors, promoting understanding, sharing challenges and building consensus. We operate as a ‘champion of the sea’, encouraging engagement with a wide range of issues and raising the profile of marine and maritime concerns. We also provide a range of services that improve integration and facilitate communication between our network of marine and coastal stakeholders, promoting debate and working collectively toward sustainability on our coasts and seas.

Our Vision

‘To provide an inclusive, integrated and balanced forum for all key interests in the maritime sector with a view to empowering them to deliver sustainable and equitable management of our coasts and seas.’         

Bringing People Together

The DMF are able to provide a large suite of different professional services but at its core it is concerned with the challenging but critical task of bringing people together. We are uniquely placed at the centre of a large marine and coastal network that extends ‘horizontally’ to incorporate a diverse range of local stakeholders and ‘vertically’ to connect to individuals and organisations operating at the forefront of national and international maritime governance.

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