Understanding the MMO South West Marine Plan

Have your say and help shape the South West Marine Plans

Although the development of the South West Marine Plans is well underway, there are still plenty of opportunities for you to get involved and have your say.

No-one knows the South West coast and sea better than you, the people who live, work and play here. Your views are crucial in shaping your plan and in helping develop fair and effective policies. If you have a stake or interest in how marine activities are managed here in Devon and the SW, Marine Planning matters to you and we’d encourage you have your say via the online consultation which closes April 6 2020

HOWEVER, perhaps you’re:

  • not really sure where or how it is relevant to you, your organisation, or local area
  • slightly overwhelmed by the scale of and detail in the Plans and associated documents
  • not particularly familiar or comfortable with online consultations
  • probably not inclined to respond to the consultation
  • looking for someone to explain face-to-face, one-to-one why, where and how marine planning matters to you and to guide you through the consultation process, in person, pointing out the sections most relevant to you and helping you formulate your responses

If some or all of the above apply to you then the Devon Maritime Forum can help! We will come, free of charge, to you and/or your organisation, at a time that is convenient for you, to talk through the marine planning process and to take you, step-by-step, through the draft South West Marine Plan consultation.

The DMF are particularly well placed to offer this service having worked closely with the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) in the development of both the South and South West Marine Plans whilst all the while maintaining our independence and role as a neutral broker and informed facilitator. As such, it is worth making clear that the aim of this process is to get YOUR views, not those of the DMF, nor the ones the MMO might want to hear.

If you’d like more information or think your organisation might be interested in the DMF’s offer of a bespoke one-to-one please contact dmf@devon.gov.uk